Stethosnap - Breast Cancer Ribbon

Join Stethosnap in the fight against breast cancer.  A proceed is made to the Susan G Koman foundation everytime one of these is purchased.  

A Stethoscope restraint that allows you to wear it in it's natural position, close at hand and as quickly and easily accessed as possible, but out of your way.  The stethosnap allows you to wear it in a way that is more comfortable and suits your style.  (It also easily detaches in the case of an aggressive patient or for those with a poor bedside manner.)  There is no other Stethoscope restraint on the market that is as easy, fashionable, or efficient to use....just ask us (or for those who need convincing, you can refer to our testimonial page).  Purchase one today and be a part of the revolutionary Stethoscope solution. 

Stethosnap - Breast Cancer Ribbon
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