About Us

Created by a Firefighter/EMT, who had many Stethoscope problems, but after running many, many medical calls out of the hospital, realized that he had at least one in common with others as well.  The problem?  How to secure your stethoscope without it becoming a medievel weapon by swinging uncontrollably from your neck or having it constantly falling off during the course of duty.  After discussing this with other medical professionals over the course of several months, he learned that those were not the only Stethoscope restraint problems.  He learned that hanging the Stethoscope around your neck in the traditional fashion caused the tubing to become brittle over time due to oils in the skin and it often permanently "shaped" the Stethoscope tube into a curved shape.  Forget the fact that you might set your favorite (expensive or not) Stethoscope down and move on with your day without it not realizing you don't even have it until, of course, you really need it.  Or stuffing it in your pocket, along with keys, i.d. badges, pens, patient lists, pen lights, (who knows what else) and searching through it all like a yard sale eventually securing it for use while stunned patients, and staff alike, look on and can't believe how much stuff you can fit in those pockets.  

Enter the Stethosnap....A simple Stethoscope restraint that allows you to wear it in it's natural position, close at hand and as quickly and easily accessed as possible, but out of your way.  It solves the problem of the Stethocope tube "shaping" or becoming brittle and allows the individual to wear it in a way that is more comfortable and suits their style.  (It also easily detaches in the case of an aggressive patient or for those with a poor bedside manner.)  There is no other Stethoscope restraint on the market that is as easy, fashionable, or efficient to use....just ask us (or for those who need convincing, you can refer to our testimonial page).  Purchase one today and be a part of the revolutionary Stethoscope solution. 

We take great pride in our company, our commitment to customer service and in the products we sell. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog.  Our products are made in the U.S.A.